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Re: Invalid uptime warning messages

Scott Bennett schrieb:
     At 10:00 p.m. my tor server began issuing a warning message about a
negative uptime:
Yes, the same here on 2 nodes, one starting this night between 3 and 4 UTC,
the other on startup this morning. I had a quick look at debug messages here,
I think there is some router with a weird descriptor and Tor discards it upon
download and tries to download it again at some later time (on
non-directory-caches every 10min).
After the last warning about the invalid uptime (2 hours ago) I got
Feb 17 11:33:21.408 [debug] download_status_increment_failure():
3AE4C8E5C4CA589CF51861F9294BC9B8020D3308 failed 5 time(s); Giving up for a while.

So I assume this router to be the one with the invalid uptime in the descriptor.