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Binding Tor to Pseudo-Interface

I've been running a Tor exit node on and off for awhile now and my
biggest problem has always been bandwidth limiting. I finally
installed a firmware on my router with relatively advanced QoS on. It
works pretty well most of the time, but to optimize it, I need to be
able to isolate *all* Tor traffic. Because I use the same computer for
other purposes, I can't just deprioritize its traffic, so I created a
pseudo-interface for the QoS to filter on.

My remaining problem is that while Tor listens and responds to other
Tor clients via this pseudo-interface (and hence different IP) it
still fetches information as an exit node from the
non-pseudo-interface, making it much more difficult to filter (I don't
want to deprioritize *my* web-browsing as well!).

Is there a way to bind Tor so that it *only* uses the pseudo-interface?