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Re: Tor relay shutted down by ISP

Tom Hek wrote:
>> This also happened to me and at least one other person. In my case it
>> was because of trojan activity on IRC. I was using the default Tor exit
>> policy at that time, which, as it turns out, isn't restrictive enough.
>> XS4ALL told me that it's OK to run a non-exit node, which I'm running
>> now. There's a number of other non-exit nodes in XS4LL IP space,
>> including the node of one of the XS4ALL founders, so running a non-exit
>> node seems to be fine.
> Yep, I'm going to run a non-exit node too.. But I really want to run an
> exit node and I really don't like it that XS4ALL is filtering me because
> of that..
They aren't filtering Tor exit nodes, but they check for bad traffic
coming from their IP space (spam, trojans, viruses, cracking, ...). With
a Tor exit node, that will happen sooner or later.