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Re: "Your system clock just jumped" on Debian+VMware ESX

On Thu, February 28, 2008 06:14, Lucky Green wrote:
> NTP:
> ntp is installed on the guest. ntpq -p shows a solid lock.
remove ntp from the guest, it causes troubles.
also, search vmware kb for clock issues, the most common fixes are
removing ntp services from guest, installing tools on the guest and
selecting the clock synchronization (with the host).
another common pitfall is the "bitness" of host and guest: keep 32bit
hosts with 32bit guests and the same with 64bit, mixing them could raise
clock problems.
Long time ago I had the very same problem with a 64bit ubuntu host running
vmware server and a 32bit debian guest.

hope this helps,

Marco Bonetti
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