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Re: Time Warner bad / VPS recommendations

     On Mon, 02 Feb 2009 20:42:01 -0600 Matthew McCabe <mateo07@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>So Time Warner Cable finally gave me an ultimatum that either I stop 
>running Tor or they will shut off my service.  This was after 3 DMCA and 
>2 general abuse/hacking complaints.  Note that Time Warner does not say 
>anything about proxy servers in their AUP.  They were just tired of 
>getting these complaints on my account.  Also, AT&T was not able to 
>setup DSL service at my location...so I have decided to kill my Tor exit 

     Really?  When you sent Time-Warner a letter based upon


what was their response?  Did you counter with a politely stated promise
to file a formal letter of complaint with the FCC against Time-Warner if
they disconnect you without justification under your contract with them
or under their AUP?  You could point out in such a complaint that you had
abided by the contract and the AUP and had no recourse to another service
(assuming that no other service is indeed available).
>I would really like to continue running a Tor exit node.  I have looked 

     Are you giving up too soon?

>at a couple virtual hosting companies such as vpslink and slicehost.  
>Some of their cheaper plans seem like they would be sufficient for 
>running a Tor exit node.  Does anyone run Tor on a VPS?  If so, which 
>company and plan do you use?  Have you gotten any flack for running a 
>Tor exit node?

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