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Re: Time Warner bad / VPS recommendations

I sent TWC a modified version of the EFF DMCA response letter for the DMCA takedown notices. I even personally replied to one of the DMCAs from an agent for Paramount. I was only able to personally reply to one of the complaints as TWC would not forward me any of the other notices.

The technician from the abuse department said that because my account already had 5 complaints, he would disconnect me if I received another. He was very clear on that point. He understood that I was running Tor and that this traffic was coming from the Tor network. Again, there is nothing in the AUP or TOS that stated that I could not run a service like Tor. But it does state that violating intellectual property rights and "hacking" are not allowed. As I explained previously, 3 of the notices were DMCA notices (copyright violations) and 2 were hacking complaints. This tech and TWC believe that the user of their service is responsible for any of these violations. Thus, it seems that they may try to disconnect my service based upon these 5 complaints.

Again, I would rather setup Tor on a VPS if anyone has a recommendation for a company and hosting plan!


Scott Bennett wrote:
     On Mon, 02 Feb 2009 20:42:01 -0600 Matthew McCabe <mateo07@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
So Time Warner Cable finally gave me an ultimatum that either I stop running Tor or they will shut off my service. This was after 3 DMCA and 2 general abuse/hacking complaints. Note that Time Warner does not say anything about proxy servers in their AUP. They were just tired of getting these complaints on my account. Also, AT&T was not able to setup DSL service at my location...so I have decided to kill my Tor exit node.

     Really?  When you sent Time-Warner a letter based upon


what was their response?  Did you counter with a politely stated promise
to file a formal letter of complaint with the FCC against Time-Warner if
they disconnect you without justification under your contract with them
or under their AUP?  You could point out in such a complaint that you had
abided by the contract and the AUP and had no recourse to another service
(assuming that no other service is indeed available).
I would really like to continue running a Tor exit node. I have looked

     Are you giving up too soon?

at a couple virtual hosting companies such as vpslink and slicehost. Some of their cheaper plans seem like they would be sufficient for running a Tor exit node. Does anyone run Tor on a VPS? If so, which company and plan do you use? Have you gotten any flack for running a Tor exit node?

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