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Re: Time Warner bad / VPS recommendations

On Wed, Feb 04, 2009 at 03:37:05PM -0500, tor-operator@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Incidentally, I work at a (different) hosting provider.  We aren't
> particularly interested in being defenders of people's rights.  If
> someone cost us money or time in proportions we find to be excessive, we
> assert the right to not renew or maintain a business relationship with
> that someone.

Current cheap servers do at least TByte/month traffic for 50 EUR, or so
(then they throttle you down to "only" 10 MBit/s, or you pay some 0.10 
EUR/GByte overtraffic).

Another plan is 70 EUR for 5 TByte/month. There are multiple ones with
a flat rodent option for a little more.

If you run a middleman on that infrastructure, nobody is going to give
a flying fuck since no complaints come in.