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Tor is out

Tor features several more security-related fixes. You
should upgrade, especially if you run an exit relay (remote crash) or
a directory authority (remote infinite loop), or you're on an older
(pre-XP) or not-recently-patched Windows (remote exploit). It also
includes a big pile of minor bugfixes and cleanups.


Changes in version - 2009-02-08
  o Security fixes:
    - Fix an infinite-loop bug on handling corrupt votes under certain
      circumstances. Bugfix on
    - Fix a temporary DoS vulnerability that could be performed by
      a directory mirror. Bugfix on; reported by lark.
    - Avoid a potential crash on exit nodes when processing malformed
      input. Remote DoS opportunity. Bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Let controllers actually ask for the "clients_seen" event for
      getting usage summaries on bridge relays. Bugfix on;
      reported by Matt Edman.
    - Fix a compile warning on OSX Panther. Fixes bug 913; bugfix against
    - Fix a bug in address parsing that was preventing bridges or hidden
      service targets from being at IPv6 addresses.
    - Solve a bug that kept hardware crypto acceleration from getting
      enabled when accounting was turned on. Fixes bug 907. Bugfix on
    - Remove a bash-ism from configure.in to build properly on non-Linux
      platforms. Bugfix on
    - Fix code so authorities _actually_ send back X-Descriptor-Not-New
      headers. Bugfix on
    - Don't consider expiring already-closed client connections. Fixes
      bug 893. Bugfix on 0.0.2pre20.
    - Fix another interesting corner-case of bug 891 spotted by rovv:
      Previously, if two hosts had different amounts of clock drift, and
      one of them created a new connection with just the wrong timing,
      the other might decide to deprecate the new connection erroneously.
      Bugfix on
    - Resolve a very rare crash bug that could occur when the user forced
      a nameserver reconfiguration during the middle of a nameserver
      probe. Fixes bug 526. Bugfix on
    - Support changing value of ServerDNSRandomizeCase during SIGHUP.
      Bugfix on
    - If we're using bridges and our network goes away, be more willing
      to forgive our bridges and try again when we get an application
      request. Bugfix on 0.2.0.x.

  o Minor features:
    - Support platforms where time_t is 64 bits long. (Congratulations,
      NetBSD!) Patch from Matthias Drochner.
    - Add a 'getinfo status/clients-seen' controller command, in case
      controllers want to hear clients_seen events but connect late.

  o Build changes:
    - Disable GCC's strict alias optimization by default, to avoid the
      likelihood of its introducing subtle bugs whenever our code violates
      the letter of C99's alias rules.

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