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Re: Tor is out

Roger Dingledine wrote:
Eventually, you're right, we should design a Tor network and protocol
where each relay doesn't have to reach each other relay. That's harder
than it sounds, though, if you want to keep anonymity and have low
directory overhead too.

Ok. How many connections do I need to run a Tor node successfully?

Of the 65000+ available I'd definitely need some (read: majority) for other purposes. And when they happen to run out, IMHO writing a log entry every 20 ms is way too often.

I understand that re-writing entire protocol is difficult, but looks like current protocol does not scale up well if 1000 connections are needed just for keeping things up-to-date.

Since these messages never convey emotions and feelings correctly, please don't take that as a criticism towards the work Tor Project has done so far. I'd just a regular user and am willing to chip in by offering an anonymous connection which is so needed in this weird world we all live in. But if the cost is that all my system's resources go just to operating the network there certainly is room for improvement.

Jari Turkia