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Re: Tor speed

On Fri, February 13, 2009 09:55, slush wrote:
> Tor:
> request > ..... noooothiiiing for minute > ........ page is loading in ten
> seconds with all images (and bandwidth meter shows me speed above 140
> kB/s).
> JAP:
> request > .... few second for first response > slower, but continuous page
> loading for longer than minute > done (and maximum speed wasnt better than
> few kB/s)
I do not known anything about JAP except for this:
But the Tor behaviour looks ok, according on how I understand it should
work: the client will chain 3 ORs, the last one fetch the information and
send it back on the chain. So, until everything is set up and the exit
will fetch the information you will not receive a byte of data :-)


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