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Tor speed


for my thesis, I tested speed of Tor and JAP (free service). Although JAP was a little bit slower than circuits of Tor in benchmark tests, I was surprised that JAP had much better user experience and acted as faster. So I looked after reason and I think I found. JAP has almost constant throughput (arount 57 kbit in my case) in the time, but Tor speed is fluctuating (from zero to more than mbit!). So in JAP case, I looked to monitor and web page was loading continuously. In Tor case, I looked to blank monitor for a minute and then, suddenly, page was loaded. And because Im playing with tor for a long time, I know it is usual behaviour...

Finally, average speed was around 57 kbit (JAP) and 70 kbit (Tor), but JAP looked much better for use. And I would like to ask you, where is reason for this Tor behaviour and if is there any possibility for improvement.

And sorry for my english, here is 2am and Im almost sleeping....