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Re: Excludenodes not considered?

> 2) What version of Tor are you running?  You didn't say. (r18192) and Vidalia 0.1.10 on win-xp (sp3)

> 3) Tor needs a geoip file to have country detection work.  Yours was
>    installed, right?

Yes in the torrc directory

> 4) For some features, like hidden services, Tor needs to use
>    particular nodes, since those were chosen by the service provider
>    as introduction points, or they wound up as HS directories.  Do you
>    know if you were you contacting or publishing a hidden service at
>    the time?

I know that no :)

> 5) Do you know what position in your circuit these nodes occupied?

Either middleman either exit. But entry nodes are not changed so
often.. And in fact I look at Vidalia, DE nodes are "everywhere" in
most of my circuits, like if I hadn't an Exclude directive.

> 6) Did you get an INFO log by any chance?  (Please don't post it to
>    the list if it's huge.)

I send it where?

I just began to log, asked a new circuit and..

First circuit: gpfTOR2 in exit node

Another circuit: gpfTOR4 in exit node

New ID... gpfTOR3 in exit !

New ID... gpfTOR4 in exit !

Looks like a joke LOL!