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Reminder: Please use the friendly bugtracker.

Hi, all!  This is a reminder to everybody who's been sending bug
reports to the or-talk mailing list.

There is a bug tracker for Tor at
      https://bugs.torproject.org/ .
The purpose of the bugtracker is to collect all the information about
each bug in one place, to help diagnose it, and to make sure that we
don't lose track of any bugs.

Please, unless there is some reason you can't, report bugs there.
Why?  Because the alternative kinda sucks.  If a bug _isn't_ on the
bug tracker, then there is more risk that we'll lose track of who is
working on which bug; or which bugs are the same as other bugs; or
which bug got fixed in which version, or worse: which bugs are fixed
and which aren't.  (When I run into a bug on or-talk, I try to copy it
to a "tor-bugs" mailbox, but I worry that I miss some, or that other
people more suited to fixing particular bugs aren't seeing them.)

(Yes, I know that the 'flyspray' tracker is annoying.  Some time
around when we start 0.2.2.x development, we'll probably be switching
to Trac.)

Thanks again for everybody's help in making a better Tor!

Nick Mathewson