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Tor on win98 [was Re: Some Bones to Pick with Tor Admins]

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 04:51:42PM -0700, mark485anderson@xxxxxx wrote:
> Maybe not many users because Tor's last two versions are buggy and don't
> allow them to use it? Still plenty of 98se users out there and I have 3
> browsers now that can use tor safely. course they will not work on .33
> and .34 because tor developers do not adequately test or code their
> program.
> This is a simple matter, no great task. Maybe they are just lazy?

Dear Mark,

I remember back in 2005 when Tor broke on windows 95 for you.  Back
then, you didn't call us names.  Instead, you told us what errors you
were getting, which versions worked for you and which didn't, and
helped debug the problem.  That worked out great, IMO.

Here's the thread:

As Roger noted, we are perfectly glad to keep Tor working on older and
stranger platforms than yours.  Heck, we've taken patches to get Tor
working on IRIX and AIX.  And you don't need to be able to write code
to contribute!  If a win98 user with decent debugging skills (you?)
would like to help us figure out what exactly broke Tor on win98, I
would be glad to try to help figure out what's needed to fix it.

To be clear, you're saying that worked, but didn't?
And you're saying that there is no useful error message, just a crash
with a GPF message?  One very interesting part of your first message
was when you said, "not within vidalia."

(If anybody else has a copy of win98 they can fire up, and they want
to help track this down, then the more the merrier.  Alternatively, it
might be useful for somebody who knows windows history to look through
the code that changed between the affected versions, or to look at any
changes in the build methodology between the affected versions, or

BTW: Please knock it off with the insults.  They don't make me develop
any better or faster, and they don't make the list a better place.