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Re: Geoip information

On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 6:15 PM, downie - <downgeoff2@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...
> Hmm,
> If I set logging to Info,

try debug, i should have mentioned this before.  it will be
exceptionally noisy though :/

> ... start Tor from Vidalia, and watch the Connection
> box in the Network Map, I see a connection opened to
> geoip.vidalia-project.net:1443 , then closed,

good! did you see it actually CONNECT ok before closing? or was the
close a "gave up" or "no exit available" close?
(may have to watch closely)

> but no Geographic data comes
> up on the map or the list of relays - no flags, no routemap
> of my connection.

depending on how out of date your cached information is, there may be
hundreds and hundreds of IP's to get info for.  while the request to
the geoip service does try to ask about many IPs at a time, it will
still break a huge amount into reasonable chunks, and thus multiple
GOOD responses are needed to successfully connected requests for some
router details to get geo coordinates.

> There is also no mention of GeoIP in the log.
> Are we talking about different things here? How does all the geographic
> information
> get uploaded into Vidalia?

we should be talking about the same thing.