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Re: Bittorrent

> Simply I imagine that in same style like ExitPolicy. Did
> you ask others, why
> are they using ExitPolicies? I dont think so. It is part of
> Tor and nobody
> (as far as I know) is against - because it is free choice
> of relay operator
> which kind of traffic he will support.

Yes, but exit nodes already no where your traffic is going (and on which port), middle and entrance nodes do not.

You probably mean "exit nodes already know"? Yes, they are and middles not. Same as for ExitPolicy.
 If they did, it would defeat the purpose of tor I believe.

Of course, middle nodes have no idea about data they are transporting.
 Anonymity of requests is not limited to decoupling the destination IP from the user, but also to decoupling the type of traffic (i.e port) to the user, don't you think?

There isnt any relation between "type of traffic" (port) and user. Exit node dont know this relation - and it is purpose of Tor. But exit nodes know target IP/port (it is used in ExitPolicy construct) and I think it can be handful to support also prioritization. With same reason as ExitPolicy. It is technically possible and I donst see any security issue with that.