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Re: Bittorrent

slush wrote:
>     If you are really creative (and desperate,) ;) you
>     could probably already achieve port rate limiting
>     by just running several exit nodes with different
>     exit policies and bandwidths.  And prioritization
>     and rate limiting could probably both be achieved
>     by adjusting the bandwith and CPU of the
>     nodes with some OS parameters, i.e. nice+20 for
>     CPU and other mechanisms for network usage.
> A little bit overhead, isnt it? :-)

At least on Linux, the traffic control facilities would permit traffic
shaping on the basis of the destination port for a connection.  See
<http://lartc.org/> for more information in this regard.  With some more
"magic", such controls could be restricted to connections to a
destination port from the Tor process only.

It is an open question whether or not doing this is a nice thing to do,
particularly since it would not be "advertised" to the TOR process on
said box.

This has parallels w.r.t. the use of OpenDNS on an exit node in that it
is another traffic adjustment which:
- could have effects that would not otherwise be present on a system
using the standard DNS roots; and
- is not advertised to the TOR process running on the equipment on which
the TOR exit node runs