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Re: Bittorrent

please, reply to my email from 8 or 9 months ago and help friends in the Iran to use tor riskless. You find my or-talk mail via google. Thanks.

He needs to get arround the exclemation mark problem.
I asked him to use a proxy. But it seems that all
known proxys - fast proxys - are more or less blocked
from the Iran.

Did he tried tor bridges?


I asked him to use tor or the more risky JAP service.

As I studied JAP, I think it is a little bit risky in case you are doing something nasty against german government.
It seems that tor is a illegal software in the Iran.
But we don' t know that for sure. The problem is that

It is illegal to use secure tunnel of any kind, isnt it?

he doesn' t want to ask people outsite of the Iran,
because his provider filters email and connections
like they do it in Germany. Does aynbody know more

Iran is much "better" than Germany, trust me. My brother was on University of Teheran for few weeks and he told me they were reading all his emails, so he was unable to write anything against regime or current situation.

To be sure, I dont know anything about technology, but prohibit of secure connection is the easiest way to do effective censorship.