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Re: Bittorrent

On Thu, February 19, 2009 18:30, Dieter Zinke wrote:
> To germerhausen and Bonetti: Please don' t use or-talk's email for your
> flameware. I don' t know about germerhausen,
ok, I shouldn't have send the last mail, but I read the strip just a
moment after the previous flame mail: I had hard time trying not to send
it ;-)

> but you Bonetti use this list
> very frequently. You write this and that, but if somebody ask a real life
> question you don' t reply.
actually, I write only about things I'm quite sure about it or I can
sustain a conversation about or I can post any bit of information I had
avalaible on the conversation which has not yet been posted: if I'm not
posting, I'm just reading and learning from the thread like you or anybody
else here.
so, if I didn't reply to your previous mail is just because someone else
already answer anything I could have said or I have no more information to

> If you are such a big king, please, reply to my
> email from 8 or 9 months ago and help friends in the Iran to use tor
> riskless. You find my or-talk mail via google. Thanks.
as above: I'm not "big king", I just like understanding how things work
and how tor goes along with other programs and if I can help, the better.
I also like to talk to people about Tor here in Italy as soon as I have
such an oppurtunity.
and, sincerely, this is what I just did: Ted Smith was asking about Tor
and BitTorrent and I pointed him to the Azureus wiki, the rest was just
non-sense flaming.
I'm sorry to anyone who has been bothered by the flame:  this is a mailing
list and such things happen. can we close this accident and go on with
more interesting arguments?


Marco Bonetti
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