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Switching Tor relay speed

Hi, I discuss to running high capacity Tor node on my univerzity in Czech Republic. There is plenty of connectivity during night, but less during day. In asking you, if you see any problem in switching tor speed automatically during day period.

More information:

Im using that on my home server. I have two torrc files, one with high RelayBandwidthRate (100kB/s) for times when Im not online (night and longer part of day) and one with less speed around 20kB/s for times Im online and working . I dont want to switch off tor completely, because people then cannot connect my node and also node's uptime is low when Im switching them on/off often ;).

Im switching configuration file in bash by calling /etc/init.d/tor reload and it is working like a charm for me. But I know it is not the best solution for users, because their tors expect that my node's throughput is much more higher than it really is at the moment when Im online.

And Im asking you what happen, when this difference in speed is not 100 - 20 = 80kB/s, but for example 3000 - 100 = 2800 kB/s. I expect it will lead to slow down clients and overload of this relay, because everybody will expect for long time that there is much better throughput than really is. So....

1) How often tor client updates his relay database? Quick updates can reflect these changes in topology/speeds.
2) Will it cause to any problematic behaviour or it is OK and I shouldnt solve this?

All speeds - 3Mb/s and 100kB/s are only illustrative. Im not sure what I will vindicate and I dont want to run Tor during day too much, because slower internet can lead to protests agains tor installation.


PS: Hope you understood me enough, Scott :-)