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Re: Switching Tor relay speed

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 05:48:30AM CET, slush wrote:

hej Marek :-)

> Im switching configuration file in bash by calling /etc/init.d/tor reload and
> it is working like a charm for me. But I know it is not the best solution for
> users, because their tors expect that my node's throughput is much more higher
> than it really is at the moment when Im online.
> And Im asking you what happen, when this difference in speed is not 100 - 20 =
> 80kB/s, but for example 3000 - 100 = 2800 kB/s. I expect it will lead to slow
> down clients and overload of this relay, because everybody will expect for long
> time that there is much better throughput than really is. So....

Ich guess that it will not be a big issue to change from a low bandwidth situation
to a high bandwidth. Maybe it will take a while before the information propagates,
but that should be OK. IMHO there would be more problems switiching back to low
bandwidth mode.
Maybe a solution would be to try a slow approach throtteling bandwidth: to stay with
the example of 3000 to 100 kB/s: I'd try to go down one third of the speed every 20min.
(BTW, 3000-100=2900 ;-) ). This way you could likely avoid too much throtteling of
inbound connections, even if the information is only slowly propagating.



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