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Re: Switching Tor relay speed

Ich guess that it will not be a big issue to change from a low bandwidth situation
to a high bandwidth. Maybe it will take a while before the information propagates,
but that should be OK.

Maybe a solution would be to try a slow approach throtteling bandwidth: to stay with
the example of 3000 to 100 kB/s: I'd try to go down one third of the speed every 20min.

Im not sure that it really helps - there are still big gaps in speeds and long delays between speed change and client notification.

But there is some mechanism around hibernation, because node is able to send warning to directory server, that he will be hinernating in... cca 1 hour. This is distributed to clients by classic way, so new clients know about node's planned offline status and they dont select this node to new circuits. I think it can be helpfull to know, how to send this signal to directory servers manually ;).
(BTW, 3000-100=2900 ;-) ).

:-D it was 5am when I wrote this email and... eh... ;).
| Uwxy dod, wqu! Husgnanhusy, Lojsamyjys odv Fyvszsd,

... any kind of transposition cipher? Dont tell me that it is serious language :).