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Re: Switching Tor relay speed

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 11:01:46PM CET, Scott Bennett wrote:
>      No, no, NO.  That means three times as many descriptor uploads to the
> authorities, which is the small part, and then potentially twice as many
> fetches of your relay's descriptor by every relay and active client around the
> planet during the next couple of hours.  That is exactly the wrong approach.
> Please read my previous followup.

I read it and I'm not convinced that the uploads of the status are so much
worse than having a multiplicity of clients "knowing" the wrong bandwidth.
Just to make clear: I'm not proposing that all routers should to more
updates, just in this single case it might be better. 

Also: if the authorities (or for the matter: the complete directory system)
go(goes) down just because a few more updates come in, then the complete
directory system should be revised ASAP because it will break when the next
few nodes will join in.

My 2c,