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Re: Switching Tor relay speed

     On Sun, 22 Feb 2009 22:58:19 +0100 slush <slush@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Maybe a solution would be to try a slow approach throtteling bandwidth: to
>> stay with
>> the example of 3000 to 100 kB/s: I'd try to go down one third of the speed
>> every 20min.
>Im not sure that it really helps - there are still big gaps in speeds and
>long delays between speed change and client notification.

     You're right; it certainly doesn't help.  It makes the situation even
>But there is some mechanism around hibernation, because node is able to send
>warning to directory server, that he will be hinernating in... cca 1 hour.
>This is distributed to clients by classic way, so new clients know about
>node's planned offline status and they dont select this node to new
>circuits. I think it can be helpfull to know, how to send this signal to
>directory servers manually ;).
     Note also that when you do a non-emergency shutdown of tor, it will
publish a new descriptor with a data rate of 0 to scare off any new attempts
to contact the relay that is quiescing.  (tor also closes its DirPort if that
was open.)

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