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Torbutton : please offer better user agent choices

In light of the Panopticlick thread and this question being asked in the past with no reasonable answer given via Torbutton's author, I appeal to Torbutton's author:

Please provide us with more of a choice in user agents. The user agent in Torbutton is not updated often enough and we should have the choice of defining our own user agent or choosing between more than one which lacks freshness in updates. I've read your reasons for why this stagnant user agent is used and I'm not happy with it.

Is it so difficult to add an improvement in usability in Torbutton to allow for better control over our user agent? We should not have to install yet another add on for Firefox to obtain this feature. Surely there's some open code available which could be added quickly to allow this functionality to Torbutton? We've heard your reason for the user agent you provide for Torbutton, but many of us aren't satisfied and urge you to kindly improve user agent functionality in Torbutton. One user agent string, especially one which receives too few updates, is not enough for many of us. This is not about one person's idea of "blending into other Tor users", fine, let's blend with other tor users, but offer us more of a choice beyond this limited and stagnant type of blending.

OT: It is unsettling Mozilla's addon server/service may modify addons after the author has submitted them without the author's approval, thank you for moving to gpg sign releases. Thank you for Torbutton.

With respect and thanks,

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