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ExcludeNodes setting bypassed when using bridges! Has Tor become self aware?

[warn] Requested exit node 'X' is in ExcludeNodes or ExcludeExitNodes. Using anyway (circuit purpose Z)

Where X = Node and Z = #. Fingerprints of my chosen nodes to exclude correctly set within torrc in ExcludeNodes.

Is this a bug?

Why is Tor, when using Bridges, overriding my ExcludeNodes setting? Was Tor suddenly given Artificial Intelligence? (AI). I assumed I was under control of my Tor client's functionality with ExcludeNodes. I guess I should be grateful it reported this to me at all.

OT: I'm spotting several nodes, both when using tor without bridges and with, using different node names with the same IP address. For what purpose would they do this?
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