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Re: Announce: amnesia Live system 0.4.2

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intrigeri wrote:
> Hello,
> amnesia [0] is a Live System similar to (and heavily inspired by)
> Incognito [1]:
> * all outgoing connections to the Internet are forced to go through
>   the Tor network;
> * no trace is left on local storage devices unless explicitely asked.
> Since the initial announcement on this mailing-list in August, a few
> releases happened. We're working hand in hand with the Incognito
> developers, and amnesia can now be considered as the ground
> foundations for the next main Incognito release.

That is very good to hear; however: is the torrent functional? Download
takes ages.

Is there any effort in making a redundant and *trusted* download mirror
infrastructure available? If so, how can we help?



> Try it, seed it! Any comments are welcome.
> Highlighted changes since August:
> * We now ship multilingual ISO images; initially supported (or rather
>   wanna-be-supported) languages are: ar, zh, de, en, fr, it, pt, es.
> * We now ship "hybrid" ISO images, which can be either burnt on CD-ROM
>   or dd'd to a USB stick or hard disk.
> * Icedove (Thunderbird) was replaced with claws mail, in a bit
>   rough way.
> * Virtual keyboard: kvkbd was replaced with onBoard.
> * Tor controller: TorK was replaced with Vidalia.
> * Anonymous, GnuPG-encrypted bug reporting is now made easy for
>   end-users.
> * Users are now warned at runtime when the amnesia version they are
>   running is affected by security flaws, and which ones they are.
> * Includes NetworkManager 0.7 to support non-DHCP networking.
> * Always use the latest Tor stable release from deb.torproject.org.
> * Securely erases RAM on shutdown using smem.
> * Added support for running as a guest system in VirtualBox.
> * Improved boot time on CD by ordering files in the squashfs in the
>   order they are used during boot.
> See the online Changelog [2] for details.
> [0] https://amnesia.boum.org/
> [1] http://www.anonymityanywhere.com/incognito/
> [2] http://git.immerda.ch/?p=amnesia.git;a=blob_plain;f=debian/changelog
> Bye,

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