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Re: Announce: amnesia Live system 0.4.2


Timo Schoeler wrote (09 Feb 2010 18:45:25 GMT) :
> That is very good to hear; however: is the torrent functional?
> Download takes ages.

It is, but we desperately lack seeds. Anyone, please help seeding
amnesia if you're interested + can afford it. If you want to
participate, please take care of always seeding the newest release:
there's RSS[0] and Atom[1] feeds of the available Torrents to help
being up-to-date.

> Is there any effort in making a redundant and *trusted* download
> mirror infrastructure available?

Not yet. I quite like BitTorrent as it gives you a very efficient
mirroring infrastructure for free, once you've got enough peers who
are willing to seed. Moreover, it may be a bit harder to censor
a given .torrent files than a well known HTTP mirrors pool.

But I suppose you're talking about HTTP here, so... what do you mean
by *trusted*? For such a "trusted" mirroring infrastructure to be
useful, people who download amnesia need to be able to trust the
network as well...

IMHO, it is easier (client side) to:

A) trust neither the mirror nor the network, and rely on OpenPGP
   signatures only (=> need for
    - the signing key to be signed by keys in the strong set
    - end-users documentation explaining how to download using
      BitTorrent, how to check OpenPGP signatures

... than to ...

B) trust the mirror, and do what's necessary to be able to trust the
   network too; by "being able to trust the network", I don't mean "to
   trust every Mozilla-approved SSL CA".

> If so, how can we help?

Adding a todo item to our wiki[2] would be a good starting point, so
that there's a place to discuss and coordinate it.

[0] https://amnesia.boum.org/torrents/rss/index.en.rss
[1] https://amnesia.boum.org/torrents/rss/index.en.atom
[2] https://amnesia.boum.org/todo/

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