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launch external application warning


I have experimented with file transfer using the Tor IM Browser Bundle, with files (already encrypted) from 1K to 1M, in these ways:

1) upload and download the file to a free Internet filehosting service (mediafire.com), 2) email the file as an attachment, and 3) send the file during a Pidgin private conversation. In the first two cases, the download attempt sometimes pops up a warning message that a "NOT Tor safe" external application must be launched.  Other times, the warning does not appear.  I can't distinguish any pattern as to when the warning does or does not appear.  There's a different launch problem in Pidgin.  If you click on the "Authenticate" link to authenticate the other party for a private conversation, Internet Explorer gets launched without warning (this doesn't happen if instead you use OTR from the menu).  Also, the file transfer sometimes completes, and sometimes you get a message saying that one side or the other cancelled the transfer (even though that didn't happen); whether the transfer is cancelled seems independent of the file size.

Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.