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Re: launch external application warning

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 11:33:44PM +0000, luis.herrera.bruckner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 2.8K bytes in 53 lines about:
: attempt sometimes pops up a warning message that a "NOT Tor safe" external
: application must be launched.  Other times, the warning does not appear.  I
: can't distinguish any pattern as to when the warning does or does not

Odd.  What's popping up the message?  Pidgin or firefox?

: appear.  There's a different launch problem in Pidgin.  If you click on the
: "Authenticate" link to authenticate the other party for a private
: conversation, Internet Explorer gets launched without warning (this doesn't
: happen if instead you use OTR from the menu).  Also, the file transfer

This is a UI problem with either otr or pidgin.  Naturally you think
clikcing "Authenticate" means you want to authenticate the user.  What
it really means is that pidgin tries to load your default browser to go
to the otr website to explain what "authenticate" means, like a help

: sometimes completes, and sometimes you get a message saying that one side or
: the other cancelled the transfer (even though that didn't happen); whether
: the transfer is cancelled seems independent of the file size.

You have to watch the circuits to see if they timeout.  I suspect
there's some internal timer for proxied connections expiring and
assuming the other end went away.

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