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Re: [Kraut] inquiries from law enforcement authorities

> Thanks for your stats Olaf, intresting and sad to see that there sue peoples
>  for no good reason. In your case it's really a abus to become 7 inquieres in
>  less 2 months :/

Yeah, they're just doing due diligence though.

This is actually good news. Because after at least seven inquiries, the exit
operator is still:
- alive
- free
- has all his computer gear
- quite possibly friends with his regular inquisitors, and though perhaps still
marked as a freedom loving loon to watch, is fun to drink beer with his
nations finest of forces :)

I'm curious to know what exactly do 'inquiries' entail in different countries?
Phone calls, visits, temporary arrest, ISP shutdowns, raids, email, data
preservation, court process/cases, etc.
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