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Re: [Kraut] inquiries from law enforcement authorities

grarpamp schrieb:
>> Thanks for your stats Olaf, intresting and sad to see that there sue peoples
>>  for no good reason. In your case it's really a abus to become 7 inquieres in
>>  less 2 months :/
> Yeah, they're just doing due diligence though.

yep, I've nothing to complain about. Police is just doing their job.
Answering inquiries has become routine. I'm fine.

All I wanted to say is that in Germany one has to expect about 0,5
inquiries per MBit/s average per year as an exit. Altogether so far I've
got about 50 inquiries in writing plus about 20-30 phone calls from
police, "Staatsanwaltschaft" (don't know the correct English term), and
secret services.

It really has become an advantage providing my "own" pi address space.
Thus according to ripe registry database police assumes me being the isp
and asking me about customer data. Otherwise without own address space
an isp would point with their finger on me being the bad guy. This
certainly would lead to police knocking on my door.

regards, Olaf
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