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Performance with potential mass use

Excluding bandwidth as that's probably the easiest
to guesstimate [6x each user's use for onion2onion case].
Assuming whatever typical usage patterns exist today,
and expecting a partial shift to include more bandwidth
intensive apps...

What sort of issues exist as each new set of say
1K/10K/100K/1000K users start using tor?

- Circuits tacked up funneling bits all the time?
- Circuit churn?
- Loads looking up directory info, HS descriptors?
- Blowing out cpu, ram, disk, OS limits to crunch it all?
- And anything else really, haven't much thought about it.

- How big is the impact of each affecting item?
- What fixes may be on paper or in the pipeline?
- Wikify this thread?

Kindof a general chat, no math proofs needed :)
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