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IP address blocked on certain site

Using latest stable Vidalia / Tor bundle for Win (Vista x64).

Never really had this prob before installing latest ver, but could be coincidence. When using Tor/ Torbutton, only one site gave message (to the effect) "the IP address you're using has been determined to be abusing this site ? / server ?. Access denied."

Then it showed the full IP address. I could never get that site to stop showing that same, blocked address, no matter what I did.
Tried closing the tab in Firefox.
Then tried closing Tor & Firefox, restarting. Same msg from site, w/ same IP address shown. Also, tried refreshing the Tor network, so all new nodes. Made no diff.

After doing the above (& site still showing old IP address when I opened a new browser tab, then tried site again) I checked my ACTUAL current exit IP address by going to a Tor check site. As I figured, it showed a diff IP address than the blocked site was still showing, at the very same time as I checked at Tor check site. Somehow that old IP address was being stored somewhere, even though it was no longer the exit address being used in Tor network. How / why did the site keep showing the old address after doing all those steps?

Is there an easier way to deal w/ this problem than the many steps I took? Thanks.
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