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Re: dir-spec.txt and directory-signature entries

On 2011-02-14 19:46, Nick Mathewson wrote:


>> Does that mean "The hash from the network-status-version entry to the
>> *first* directory-signature entry including a SP"?
> It means everything beginning with the string "network-status-version"
> and ending with the first string "directory-signature ".  This refers
> to the _string_ "directory signature " (with included space), not to
> the entire directory signature.  (It _can't_ refer to the entire
> directory signature, since when the authority computes the signature,
> it doesn't know what the signature is going to be.)

Yes, that was my understanding as well. Thanks for the clarification.

I looked elsewhere in my code and realised that the shared signature
code added an extra \n after "directory-signature " when verifying
consensus documents. I got extremely confused because I could verify
both router descriptor and key certificate documents.

In other words: My bad, i.e. I needed someone to talk to. :-)

Sorry for the noise

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