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Re: Scroogle and Tor

scroogle@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I've been fighting two different Tor users for a week. Each is
apparently having a good time trying to see how quickly they
can get results from Scroogle searches via Tor exit nodes. [snip]

As the person who (recently) raised the question about the availability of Scroogle via Tor, I want to thank you both for running Scroogle and for coming on this list to explain what happened. I also apologize to the list for not mentioning that Scroogle is once again available via Tor. (I discovered that and meant to publish that fact aprox. 24 hours ago.)

You are obviously much more knowledgable about network issues than I am so I will leave it to others to advise you about possible mitigations for your problems. It is a real shame about the script kiddies, but such is the world we live in.


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