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Re: dir-spec.txt and directory-signature entries

On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 1:41 PM, J <joagre@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The final entries in a consensus document are a number of directory-
> signature entries.
> dir-spec.txt says:
> <cite>
>  "directory-signature" SP identity SP signing-key-digest NL Signature
>        This is a signature of the status document, with the initial item
>        "network-status-version", and the signature item
>        "directory-signature", using the signing key.  (In this case, we
> take
>        the hash through the _space_ after directory-signature, not the
>        newline: this ensures that all authorities sign the same thing.)
>        "identity" is the hex-encoded digest of the authority identity
> key of
>        the signing authority, and "signing-key-digest" is the hex-encoded
>        digest of the current authority signing key of the signing
> authority.
> </cite>
> Does that mean "The hash from the network-status-version entry to the
> *first* directory-signature entry including a SP"?

It means everything beginning with the string "network-status-version"
and ending with the first string "directory-signature ".  This refers
to the _string_ "directory signature " (with included space), not to
the entire directory signature.  (It _can't_ refer to the entire
directory signature, since when the authority computes the signature,
it doesn't know what the signature is going to be.)

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