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Re: [tor-talk] Fwd: [guardian-dev] Gibberbot 0.0.3 Release Candidate (20110227c)

On 02/28/2011 03:49 PM, Chris Palmer wrote:
> Congrats on your new RC! I'll give it a spin.

Thanks, Chris! We are definitely working to find the right balance in
the security options, but the goal is "security by default" such that it
always tries to OTR, it always uses TLS, and if there it always uses Tor.

> Is it possible to automate the gibber-to-or integration? For example, if
> the user selects Use Tor Network, it could cause Orbot to be launched

Yes, it is. The ORlib library we offer provides some of this capability,
and we should definitely integrate it. There is already a "start Tor"
intent available in Orbot today, as well, that is not very well
documented or utilized.

> And maybe Gibberbot could send a Notification if it detects that Orbot
> is running but that the user has not selected Use Tor Network. "Touch
> here to start using Tor with Gibberbot" or the like.

That is a new idea! Definitely along the lines of what we want to do -
gentle pushes to more fully secure the everyday comms of life. To take a
step back, we should definitely help the user install Orbot if they
don't already have it as well.

Thanks for the feedback, looking forward to more.

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