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Re: [tor-talk] Fwd: [guardian-dev] Gibberbot 0.0.3 Release Candidate (20110227c)

Congrats on your new RC! I'll give it a spin.

Is it possible to automate the gibber-to-or integration? For example, if
the user selects Use Tor Network, it could cause Orbot to be launched
(by firing whatever Intent is necessary) if it us not up already, and
then could automatically sign out and sign back in. (The latter might or
might not incur a GetUserCredentialsActivity, depending on user preference.)

And maybe Gibberbot could send a Notification if it detects that Orbot
is running but that the user has not selected Use Tor Network. "Touch
here to start using Tor with Gibberbot" or the like.

> To use Gibberbot with Orbot to route through Tor, you must first start
> Orbot, then enable the "Use Tor Network" preference in the Settings
> menu. You will need to sign out, and sign back in again.
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