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Re: Per-Tab Torbutton

On 01/02/11 15:45, Aplin, Justin M wrote:
> On 1/25/2011 1:25 PM, Jerzy Åogiewa wrote:
>> Hello
>> Is it possible to have Torbutton activate Tor only on specified tabs and not others? It would make Tor much more useful.
> So far this is not possible, no. There is an ugly, but workable,
> solution in using Firefox's profile manager. By creating two separate
> profiles in the profile manager (by running Firefox with the
> -profilemanager switch) and creating two shortcuts/links with respective
> -P "yourprofilename" switches, it is possible to run two separate
> instances of Firefox, one of which is free to use Torbutton while the
> other does not.

Ugly? I'd say quite workable. Allows for separation of different
functions, e.g. profiles for Facebook, work, play, and as you point out
Tor and non-Tor. Put different profiles on different desktops/workspaces
and/or use different themes and you can reduce the likelihood of
visiting the wrong site in the wrong profile. Also allows for building a
fairly simple portable environment.

It's not as straight forward as just clicking an icon, but none of the
privacy-enhancing tools are.

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