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Tor raid [was: "cease and desist" from my vps provider...]

2011/2/4 Matthew <pumpkin@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> I already had a raid due to my Exit Node... so, I'm not worried :)
> Can you explain what happened, please?

It happened 4 years ago... they came, took every hardware they could
find, took more than a year to analyze it, they found nothing (they
were looking for child pornography - someone downloaded via my tor
exit from swoopshare) and gave my hardware back after 2 years.
The trial is still ongoing, but there has only been 1 day in court
(about a year ago), the judge acknowledged that he doesnt understand
what we explained about Tor and such, said he wants an assessor, and
we'll see again in about 8 weeks (a year ago!).
My lawyer now asked 2 or 3 times at the court, when & how we'll
continue, but didn't get a response yet. Doesn't seem like the judge
wants to carry on fast.

(I also got letters from the federal police asking who had my Tor IP
at a specific point in time, got heard at the police (You are not
required to say anything at the german police, but I preferred to take
a laptop there and show them what Tor is and how it works - they
appreciated that [and I lowered my risk of getting raided another time
;) ]) and such things).

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