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Re: "cease and desist" from my vps provider...

El 2011-02-03 19.39, Jan Weiher escribió:
Interesting. Hetzner is officially down on anything which causes
them trouble (benji said so himself, repeatedly), so they're
effectively accepting of a Tor middleman, but Tor exits are
probably going to be pretty short-lived in Hetzner space.

If you got your own IP space with own ripe contact, all the abuse mails
will go to you, so it does not cause trouble to them at all. Maybe this
is what is meant with "you are responsible".

Mmmmm.... sorry but ¿do you know exactly what you´re talking about?
To get your own IP space isn't a trivial process, nor cheap. Use the next link as a starting point to know something about: http://ripe.net/membership/new-members/index.html

You shouldn't confuss the people. Get your own IP space it's only possible for enterprises and even if you´re an enterprise you need a complex network engineering behind you.

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