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Could not rotate onionkey

Sometime earlier this morning, in checking the logs, I notice that I
am suddenly getting the following error and warnings.:

error: Couldn't write generated onion key to :  c\********\secret_onion_key
warning: couldn't open c:\***********\secret_onion_key.tmp
warning: couldn't rotate onion key

any  ideas or is this a possible bug?
I am running the latest Tor v0.2.1.29

In trying to reboot, it appears that It has gotten corrupted:

Videlia would even start, showing the errors on startup:

warning: error creating directory c\*********\cached-status: No such
file or directory
warning: failed to parse/validate config: couldn't access/create
private data directory c:\**********\cached-status
error: reading config file failed

I am going to do a clean install and see what happens. The previous up
time was almost 10 days without any problems.
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