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Re: Sent e-mails going into spam folders.

On 09/02/2011 09:50, Moritz Bartl wrote:

>> May be, some mail providers does not add the sender IP address to the
>> mail header? Google Mail does not add it. Any other?
> Set up your own on a server not running Tor and remove the lines
> yourself. I have documented the process for Postfix:
> http://moblog.wiredwings.com/archives/20100501/Remove-IPs-from-Outgoing-Mail-Postfix-SMTP.html
> My outgoing mails are passed over my small exit
> anonymizer1.torservers.net, my home IP cleansed, to my ISPs mail server
> (see my mail headers). I haven't had problems with mail delivery so far.

This is slightly going off on a tangent, but I wonder if any services
like the following exist...?

I'd like to set up an SMTP server as a hidden service to accept incoming
email. It would need a gateway from the Internet though. So if somebody
on the Internet emailed:


A machine on the Internet would accept that email and forward it on over
Tor to:


It would be trivial to set up such a gateway. Just set up a wildcard MX
record on *.example.com, and configure up an MTA. Just wondering if it
has been done though?

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