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Re: Problem with downloading attachments in torbrowser for osx

On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 05:08:17AM +0000, M wrote:
> I thought i would bring this to the attention of those concerned in case
> they already did not know. I am still unable to download any attachments,
> whether yahoo or gmail, when running tor. The message which appears is
>  "[JavaScript Application]
> Torbutton blocked direct Tor load of plugin content.
> Use Save-As instead.

Have you tried using Save-As instead?

> This is a real pain and i was hoping it would be fixed with the update, but
> alas....

I believe the trouble is that Firefox doesn't make it easy for extensions
to tell if the website is trying to get you to run an external application
vs just trying to give you a file to download.

But I'll turn the question around on you: which trac entry on
did you report your issue on? If it's not on the bugtracker it's nowhere.


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