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Excluding exit nodes

From the Tor Project FAQ

"We recommend you do not use these â they are intended for testing and
may disappear in future versions. You get the best security that Tor can
provide when you leave the route selection to Tor; overriding the
entry / exit nodes can mess up your anonymity in ways we don't

Now, it's a little bit confusing for a novice, let me explain why.
People both on this mailing list and else where on the Internet are
often referring to excluding "bad/evil" exit nodes (I'm aware that it's
a bit ambiguous concept) and yet there is this entry in Tor Project FAQ.
So how someone like me, a newcomer to Tor, Linux and networking, should
know which exit nodes are suspicious? I came across this website
<http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/index.php> which flags couple of nodes as
"Bad Exit" - should I exclude them? How reliable information on this
website are? Is there any authoritative list of suspicious exit nodes?

Tomasz Moskal <ramshackle.industries@xxxxxxxxx>
Encrypted mail preferred. Key ID: 2C323C82

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