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Re: Excluding exit nodes

On Sun, 2011-02-13 at 15:51 +0100, tagnaq wrote:
> No you do not need to exclude them because your client will not use
> nodes with the BadExit flag as an exit node anyway. The torstatus
> website does not flag them, it just shows you that they have this flag
> because the DirectoryAuthorities flagged these nodes as badexits.

Now I'm even more confused! What is "DirectoryAuthorities"? Quick
googling yielded no results I can understand and Tor -alpha Manual is
not helpful on that matter either. Could you point me somewhere I can
find more informations about matters relating to exit nodes? I'm going
through archives of this mailing list and documents on Tor website but
there is *a lot* of informations in those places and it will take me
considerable amount of time to read all of it.

How someone can recognise if an exit node *might* be doing something
suspicious - like sniffing traffic for passwords? As far as I can tell
(with my limited knowledge that is!) it's by checking which ports the
node in question is making available. And if there are not the standards
one then it *could* do something nasty - which of course don't mean it
does. Could you clarify this whole "rouge/bad/evil" nodes matter?

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