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Re: Excluding exit nodes

On 02/13/2011 04:19 PM, Tomasz Moskal wrote:
> Now I'm even more confused! What is "DirectoryAuthorities"?
> Could you point me somewhere I can
> find more informations about matters relating to exit nodes?

(Coordination section)

General Design Document:
(chapter 6.3)
Note: This document is from 2004. Statements like "new nodes must be
approved by the directory server administrator before they are included"
are no longer valid.


> How someone can recognise if an exit node *might* be doing something
> suspicious - like sniffing traffic for passwords? As far as I can tell
> (with my limited knowledge that is!) it's by checking which ports the
> node in question is making available. And if there are not the standards
> one then it *could* do something nasty - which of course don't mean it
> does. Could you clarify this whole "rouge/bad/evil" nodes matter?

Well this is currently a 'hot topic' and I refer you to the lengthy
thread 'Is "gatereloaded" a Bad Exit?'.
Short answer: you can not reliably detect passive sniffing.
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