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Re: Is "gatereloaded" a Bad Exit?

Hello Julie,

On Mon, 14 Feb 2011, Julie C wrote:

I suppose the anarchist genes in me are not strong enough. I have to agree
with Mike Perry's arguments, given his credibility, and his clearer
perspective than most of the rest of us. If this BadExit policy is being
made up ad-hoc, that's fine by me. If the offending Tor node operators want
to stand up and defend themselves, or their choices, that's fine too.

Great.  What's the "acceptable" companion port to 119 ?  How about 6667 ?

Since these ports, like 25, have no "standard" companion (like 80/443 typically does) what collection of encrypted ports need to be maintained to balance out running 199/6667 ?

Come on people - I thought there would be quick answers to all of this...

RE: clearer perspective - it's easy to have a clear perspective when you discount all possible use cases that "aren't what I do".
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