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Re: [tor-talk] Do You Like Online Privacy? You May Be a Terrorist

> What we should be repeating to them, anonymously or not, is that there
> is no democracy without privacy.

History shows that governments have no interest in, or need
for, democracy or privacy among the people. It is the people
who need such things. And it is their duty to ensure that their
government which they created conforms to their wishes, lest
it run amok. No amount of repeating anything to any government
will cause it to heed said wishes... unless they back said
words with the same power that made the hole and filled it in
the the first place. History also shows that that delicate
balance has yet to be proven achievable. An unfortunate situation
indeed. Perhaps the few days spent turning and sowing the earth
every season are the only way to yield a new crop upon which
the Sun may shine for many months. Only the future knows the
answer. Equally unfortunate that we are not privy to it. But we
will try to shape and learn of it in our own time... onward, anon.
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